Where we come from. What we stand for.

In 2006, Ralph Hartmann and Urs von Siebenthal conceive an adventurous plan.
In that year, they leave their secure jobs as manager and project planner in an established agency. Together with a good companion they set out to build brand experiences consistently from the perspective of the customer and in accordance with quality, time and costs. On New Year’s Day Hartmann’s living room is transformed into a project office. Discussions, plans and processes hands-on, coffee intravenous. Startup capital: their own know-how, spirit, courage — and a little fortune.

The following year, O2 gives hartmannvonsiebenthal the chance and entrusts the company with the implementation of the German retail network. Within three months, five colleagues become 29 and in the newly rented loft in Kiefholzstraße it’s getting cramped. 

Not only does the agency grow, so do the demands of the customers of brand experiences in space. The call for integrated concepts is in the air, and hartmannvonsiebenthal repositions itself. In 2010, the portfolio is expanded around the service areas, 3D design and integrated networking that operate today under hartmannvonsiebenthal concept and hartmannvonsiebenthal digital. Brand consultants, creative directors, concept designers, graphic designers, 3D artists and programmers create together with experts in architecture, planning and management of hartmannvonsiebenthal project, brand experiences in space, contemporary and still under the same stipulations. 
And indeed, also still for our very first client, O2. For that we are thankful – and also proud.

Who’s behind it all?

Ralph Hartmann
East Frisian man of action and consistent proponent of customer value: for the communications manager the main focus is the relationship between brand and people. After years of international work with brands such as Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen or Sony, in 2006 Ralph Hartmann founded together with Urs von Siebenthal the eponymous agency for 3D brand communication. Ralph Hartmann is a board member of FAMAB.

Urs von Siebenthal
The logistics expert for large projects and events is in charge of our processes in the background. Swiss composure complements gusty Frisian winds. Both founders share the love of quality – of experience, design, implementation.