Social commitment

Gelbe Villa Programme

The "gelbe Villa" is a creative and educational center for children and teenagers in Kreuzberg, Berlin. In addition to its school and educational projects in cooperation with schools in the area, it offers a regular afternoon and school holidays programme. The children and teenagers there are offered a variety of workshops in the fields of art, music, theatre, fashion, sport, and crafts, with a focus on promoting their individual interests and skills. 

To communicate the courses in a more fitting way for parents and children, we had the pleasure of redesigning the programme flyers. Inspired by children’s puzzle pictures, the design for each school holidays programme is based on one of the four seasons and its associated activities. The flyer for the afternoon programme shows die gelbe Villa in its city surroundings. We are delighted that we have been able to support die gelbe Villa in various ways over the past several years.

We are convinced that individual interests and skills can be promoted in a more focused way. More children and teenagers should be given the opportunity to discover and hone their talents.