Google made tangible

In London the mediacorporation showcases in a familiar way in an unfamiliar setting.

Like Apple, Amazon and Ebay, Google also takes the step into 3D space, in order to secure, like the competitors, the advantages and benefits of the interaction between the customer and the brand.

Portal, Doodle Wall, Play Pod, Shadowbox; the shop concept – a fine mix of in-house technology and retail know-how results in a typically Google environment, in which the customer can get hands-on and better acquainted with the brand.

Actually the "shop in shop" concept isn't the first in Europe – already since 2013, customers can get to grips with the Google brand and its services in Hamburg. The new design in London shows that even with regard to retail Google learns fast. In comparison to the Hamburg counterpart, which places technologies in the center and design-wise leaves room for improvement, Google showcases in London with a rounded and contemporary concept.

Giving abstract services and digital products tangible forms and a character is also on the agenda of hartmannvonsiebenthal – even more interesting for us is the search engine giant pointing the way with regard to media integration and design concept.

In the United Kingdom – the most important market for Google in Europe – depending on the success of the project, further stores are planned.

In every case it's worth considering the atypical, but in the future possibly the most normal way: from digital to analogue.