o2 Retail Evolution continued!

Shop of the Future

"Shop of the future" – this is what Telefónica calls their new shop concept for O2.

"The concept connects the digital with the real world and makes the digital – and the seemingly complex – tangible and easy to understand for the customers", enthuses Markus Haas, COO of Telefónica Germany about the new outlets.

More and more, the shop is becoming a stage of experiences showcasing various product worlds and themed islands, which can be extended through flexible partnerships with companies and brands. O2 offers hands-on digitalization – physical interaction with digital offers and meaningful integration of digital services into the customer experience.

hartmannvonsiebenthal has been developing the evolution of the O2 shop concept since its beginning – from "Classic" (2006) to "Pure" and "Vibrant" (2008) through to "Marketplace" (2011) – and with this new implementation we are taking it a step further towards a seamless shopping experience.

The leading role of the new concept is illustrated under the title "Der Sprung ins Gewisse" in the current W&V (No. 3/2016).