As one of the first digital hotspots in Berlin, the Telefónica Basecamp inspired prominent places like the VW Drive Forum and the Microsoft Digital Eatery. The Basecamp has become the point of contact for the Berlin Network Policy Community. 

Within the framework of a brand development, this naturally grown space Unter den Linden had to be redeveloped to unite blog and venue in one place. In addition, the brand O2 Telefónica was to become more present without being explicitly visible with a logo.

We developed the new BASECAMP as a space of discourse – as diverse as its guests and as flexible as their interests. How do platforms for exchange and discourse emerge? On an empty area where there’s only one tree, two people would always stand under that tree. Visual anchors create these platforms and that‘s what we looked for: for confidential and public moments, for lectures, for debates, for meetingy and the casual encounter.
During the day, the room is used as an open co-working space and café. The UdL-Blog finds its way into the BASECAMP via a large vertical media wall, offering relevant talking points. The new O2 Shop invites the visitors to consultation and provides the essentials of the digital workday.
In the evening, the BASECAMP turns into an event forum. Stage and a mobile control room inclusive. At 200 events per year, modularity was the key to this concept. The development time, including implementation and construction, was six weeks.