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Based on its brand positioning "We give ideas to live", the energy and network service provider EWE has bundled all its products in the "Home Strategy" and linked them with intelligent services and added value.

Consequently, our strategy for the new retail concept is based on the customer's home and presents EWE's products in the customer's living environment. Warm materials, clear lines and an open design with many small items of everyday life allow visitors to immerse themselves in this world. Consultation on TV and the Internet takes place in a living room atmosphere, while offers on energy topics are presented in the kitchen. Equipment and services from EWE are integrated into the environment as a matter of course and are already networked with the company's own smart living products, enabling product demonstrations to take place just like at home.For advice on choosing the right DSL contract, hartmannvonsiebenthal has designed the interactive Tarif Finder.
In order to provide customer service in this form, hartmannvonsiebenthal is providing consultation on the reorganization of the Customer Journey: The newly created position of Welcome Manager becomes the hub of the store and is intended to help avoid waiting times and provide an optimal customer experience.