Live Flagship Store Frankfurt/Main

The new O2 Live Flagship Store in the Zeil in Frankfurt stands for a consistent further development of the ‘Shop of the Future’ concept, and wows through the consistent digitization of the in-store services and the store’s image.

The flagship store serves as a link between brand and city, particularly the hand-painted wall graphics and the mouth-blown glass sculpture installation, alongside the innovative digital elements, make the O2 Live Store unique.

The Frankfurt skyline stretches through the urban structures and people as an illustrative highlight, bringing a touch of regionality to the space. The suspended glass sculptures, modeled on rising air bubbles, take the form of the original O2 brand element.

For the integration of the store’s open space and a view between the sales area and workshop area, the ceiling had to be taken out, which proved a challenge since the building is protected by the preservation order.

The 250 m² large store is structured in three interconnected zones: disrupt, deliver, and discover. Disrupt stands for inspiration and charging – this takes place in the entrance of the store. Deliver means, above all, consultation – in this zone O2 Gurus take care of all the customers’ needs and wishes. In the discover zone, various product ranges are on display, which the customer can get to grips with and try out, by themselves or with the help of one of the O2 Gurus.
The workshop area on the first floor, which, just like its big brother, the Live Concept Store in Berlin, has ample space and an adequate infrastructure for talks and other live events, provides an inspiring view of the open space with its floating glass sculptures and the sales area on the ground floor.

The new O2 Live Store and Frankfurt am Main create an attractive symbiosis – digitization up-close, included.